Meet our speakers.



Meet our speakers.



Jared Griffith ‘20

As a young child, loneliness was Jared’s best friend. His other friends consisted of his family and his dogs. Everyday Jared would go to school and eat alone during lunch. It was an endless struggle because he desperately wanted to be liked by his classmates but everyone seemed to hate him with a passion. At the age of 8, he was diagnosed with ADHD. Then, at the age of 13, he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Jared’s childhood was rough but he made it through those tough times and became the person he is today because of those struggles.

Tom Liu ‘20

Tom’s friends often tell him to “go get a life.” Although having never heard it directly, Tom is fully aware of his nerdy image established among some people, which he has cursed again and again, in all five languages that he knows. He has no chance of vindication, unless he is in the process of writing a college activity list, which is the only time show “what kind of life” he is having. He is having a life, a life that he continuously develops, cherishes, and defends.

Sun Schuette ‘21


Danica Tang ‘21

A shy, introverted girl when she moved to the U.S. from China in 3rd grade, Danica used to be the one sitting alone that no one approached. She desperately tried all ways to fit in among the others, but nothing changed until she discovered that she only needed to be herself. Every morning now, she is found playing her flute in band, singing in choir, or chamber choir. In her free time, she is most likely practicing her flute, self-studying other instruments, making jewelry for her online shop, drawing, or updating her bullet journal.

Zib Lindholm ‘22

When not obsessing over the latest Marvel or Star Wars movie trailer, Zib can be found skipping around campus to visit with all of her classmates. On the other hand, her natural habitat is the water and one can find her kicking names and taking ass in the waves. Or playing*drowning* in a game of waterpolo. She absolutely loves sleeping in and diving into new books from the comfort of her king-size fleece blanket. Always up for a vibrant discussion about science or Harry Potter, she will happily seek out the strangest of adventures.

Creative Component

Omid Kevin Daliri ‘21

Back in June of the year 2016, Kevin made his first song, entirely produced and mastered by himself. While struggling with self-confidence and acceptance, music was the one factor in his life that he felt gave him purpose. While continuing with his passion for music throughout his late middle school and early high school career, he developed a devoted love for creating art through sound. As his music progressively got better and more professional over time, Kevin began to take the steps that needed to be taken to improve his music production ability. With songs like “¡SummerTime!” and “New Flow” Kevin has shown audiences and music listeners of his unique approach to Hip-Hop/Pop and how much passion he has for music.


Lily Tran ‘21

What has helped Lily most in overcoming life struggles is focussing on the bright side of things. She strongly believes in laughter being the cure for all things and of course the five second rule. Her favorite color is green, and her favorite animals are goats and horses.

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